Universitetet bedriver världsledande, gränsöverskridande forskning i nära samverkan med näringsliv och samhälle, bland annat inom material, IT och hörsel. I samma anda erbjuder Linköpings universitet, LiU, ett stort antal innovativa utbildningar, inte minst många professionsutbildningar för till exempel läkare, lärare, civilekonomer och civilingenjörer. Universitetet har 32 000 studenter och 4 000 medarbetare vid fyra campus som tillsammans söker svar på samtidens komplexa frågor. Studenterna är bland de mest eftertraktade på arbetsmarknaden och enligt internationella rankningar är LiU bland de främsta i världen. LiU blev universitet 1975 och förnyelse är vår enda tradition.

Two PhD students in Management of Complex Intelligent Systems within WASP HS Graduate School

Skilled and committed employees are a crucial factor in the success of Linköping University. And we need more of them. Our core expertise comes from teachers and researchers, but a successful university requires experienced and motivated employees in many fields. Everyone is important. We need to recruit many new employees thanks to, among all, an expansion in our research activity. We need you here. We look forward to receiving your application!

Through the activities in research, the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) provides education in a wide range of fields, from economy and management to design and technology. As one of the university’s largest departments, our strength is the education and research that support and benefit each other. Our mission is to encourage innovation and development through which we develop dedicated, innovative student who can improve the world. We have strong links within the corporate and other sectors, which facilitates the employability of our graduates and the application of our research.
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Hereby advertises two positions as
PhD student in Industrial Engineering and Management with Specialization in Industrial Management
based at the division of Project, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (PIE) and within WASP-HS Graduate School.

PIE is a division with around 20 employees, including several PhD students. We have an international research environment and our research focuses on management of innovation and entrepreneurship.

These PhD positions are part of the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program on Humanities and Society (WASP-HS). WASP-HS aims to realize excellent research and develop competence on the consequences and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for the individual person and society. This 10-year program is initiated and generously funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation (MMW) with 660 million SEK. In addition to this, the program receives support from collaborating industry and from participating universities.

WASP-HS includes an extensive national graduate school with up to 70 doctoral students, the creation of least ten new research groups across Sweden, support for twelve visiting professors to strengthen Swedish research and networking activities, and a number of research projects. For more information about the research and other activities conducted within WASP-HS, please visit http://wasp-hs.org/.

The WASP-HS graduate school provides foundations, perspectives, and state-of-the-art knowledge in the different disciplines taught by leading researchers in the field. Through an ambitious program with research visits, partner universities, and visiting lecturers, the graduate school actively supports forming a strong multi-disciplinary and international professional network between PhD students, researchers and practitioners in the field. It thus provides added value on top of the existing PhD programs at the partner universities, providing unique opportunities for students who are dedicated to achieving international research excellence with societal relevance.

As a PhD student you can work with teaching and administration tasks up to 20 percent of full time, the remaining part will be devoted to your own research and research education. As a PhD student, you will take responsibility for conducting theoretical and empirical studies in consultation with your supervisors.

The current position is connected to a research group investigating purpose driven management for the development towards more complex and intelligent systems. The research group works in a research ecosystem in close collaboration with national and international research colleagues in management as well as associated areas of technology, industrial companies in the system building industry and actors in the public sector.

The way we approach complex intelligent systems will affect our ability to benefit from AI as well as avoiding negative consequences. AI is thus much more than technology and in order to achieve the societal benefits, a new understanding of the managerial approaches for designing complex intelligent systems is required. A purpose driven approach is suggested, i.e. including expanded purposes beyond economic exchanges, e.g. related to safety and sustainability.

The PhD positions have the following focus:

  1. AI for a better society – Mastering Complexity beyond Human Cognition

This PhD project specifically focuses on how the implementation of AI based on data and models results in emerging systems behaviors and an increasing freedom to create functions that were not foreseen at the time of system design (i.e. generativity). Within this context, the project focuses on system design approaches and representation logics in order to master complexity that is beyond human cognition.

     2. AI for a better society – The Role of Purpose Driven Managerial Decision Making

This PhD project is focused on the role of purpose driven managerial decision making in system design to bring together societal and technical aspects. Future decision making in relation to the characteristics of complex intelligent systems will be explored. The PhD project will address aspects such as understanding what the decision scope is, who takes decisions, where and when decisions are taken and how are decisions evolving when decisions are made (at least partly) in the unknown and depend on emergent system behaviors that create unknown unknowns.

Both PhD projects are based on a close link between technology and management, and research methods to develop knowledge that is applicable in future industrial ecosystems. The PhD projects are expected to contribute to theorizing around, and applicable knowledge aiming at, contributing to the understanding and shaping of management as we are navigating and maneuvering our approaches to AI in complex intelligent systems. The research is based primarily on a qualitative methodology, including methods such as case studies, interviews and observations, which could be complemented by e.g. questionnaires.

Good knowledge within the area of industrial engineering and management, especially organization and innovation management, is a strong merit for the position. A deep insight into the prerequisites for some or several forms of complex systems is a merit. Practical experience of industrial management of complex systems is also a merit. Important for the position are your personal qualities, analytical capabilities, communications skills, proficiency in English (orally and written) and good previous study results.

When applying, please state which one of the two PhD projects you are most interested in (and why).

Qualified to PhD studentships are only those who are or have been admitted to graduate studies. The basic requirement to be admitted to graduate studies is to have completed a Master level degree, or to have completed courses that correspond to at least of 240 credits, out of which at least 60 credits at the advanced level, or to have gained corresponding Swedish or international education. Qualified to be admitted to graduate studies in Industrial Management are those who satisfy the requirement of a Master degree with at least 60 credits at the advanced level in courses related to the specialization of the graduate studies. These 60 credits shall include an independent work corresponding to at least 30 credits within the area of relevance for the graduate studies.

Appointment time
The first appointment will be for one year at a time. The employment may be renewed for no more than two years at a time. A doctoral student may not be employed during a period exceeding eight years. The total time of appointment must not exceed the equivalent of four years´ full time research training.

Starting date 
By agreement, but at the latest in August 2020.

The salary for PhD students is based on the department’s salary scale.

Union representatives
For contact with union representatives see below.

Application procedure
Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest January 30, 2020. Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

Equal opportunities
A majority of our PhD students within the Department are men, which is why precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed otherwise equivalent.

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Linköping university has framework agreements and wishes to decline direct contacts from staffing- and recruitment companies as well as from vendors of job advertisements.


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